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How Much Does a Toyota RAV4 weight?

Find out Toyota RAV4 maximum curb weight

The new version of the famous Toyota RAV4 offers everything for enjoying every driving moment – performance ratings, entertaining features, protection tools, plenty of space for all passengers and many other things. Of course, we have to consider a lot of factors when selecting the vehicle of our life, but there’s one point that we should take into account – the vehicle’s weight.

How is it weight? Why is it weight? Many customers ignore it, but they have to. And now, we’ll explain why. The vehicle’s weight influences so much on any specs that we take – engine (what horsepower and torque ratings it provides), protection features, payload, towing (how much the vehicle can tow), acceleration and other things.

When you explore the car, you will see two-weight specs – curb weight and gross weight. Let’s find out what it is. The curb weight refers to the total vehicle’s weight with no passengers and loads. It’s the weight of all regular features of the vehicle. If the weight includes a payload, this is the gross weight.

Now, we’ll focus on the Toyota RAV4 curb weight. The first thing you should know that its curb weight varies. It ranges because of the trim models (there are six RAV4 models). So, let’s figure out.

The base model is the LE with a curb weight of 3370 lbs. Its hybrid version has more curb weight – 3690 lbs. The next trim XLE is lighter than the hybrid LE – it has the curb weight of 3405 lbs. The XLE Premium contains a bit heavier curb weight that is measured at 3490 lbs. The curb weight of the Adventure version is 3615 lbs.  The upper RAV4 models – the TRD-Off-Road and Limited have the following curb weight measurements – 3655 lbs and 3620 respectively.

So, now you know the curb weight of Toyota RAV4. What does it give us? Knowing the curb weight allows us to estimate the towing and payload capacity, engine performance, and other specs. We’ll emphasize the towing and payload as they’re directly dependent on the curb weight.

There’s one rule of the curb weight when it comes to the payload capacity – the less curb weight the vehicle has, the bigger are the payload ratings. Let’s see what the RAV4 is capable of.

Let’s take the base LE model. Its maximum payload capacity ratings are measured at 1,240 pounds. If you opt for the hybrid version, you’ll receive the payload of 1,230 pounds. It’s rather good, we should admit.

The other thing that the curb weight affects is the towing capacity. It’s an important figure that the customers consider. The RAV4’s towing is dependent on the trim levels. So, the towing capacity is the following – the LE, XLE, XLE Premium and Limited can tow up to 1,500 pounds; the Adventure and TRD-Off-Road can tow up to 3,500 pounds. The hybrid versions of Toyota RAV4 have a towing capacity of 1,750 pounds. With such towing capacity, you can take everything you need in one trip.  


The curb weight of Toyota RAV4 may be found on the plate under the tire, loading section or under the hood.

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